World Class Musicians Make House Calls - Cool!

You've probably gotten the memo -- the internet has changed EVERYTHING. One of the very cool upsides of cyberspace is that more and more amazing musicians--the kind many of us used to dream about playing on our songs--are now making their services available online. If you're working on a recording, you can send them the song, they add their magic and send it back.

When I think of all the expense and planning I've put into securing great musicians for recordings over the years. this new accessibility kind of blows my mind!

Anyway, for those of you actively recording (or thinking about recording) your songs, I want to commend to you three musicians I regularly use on my projects, who are now doing internet sessions:

Spencer Capier (my musical partner for the past 100 years -- or something like that) -- is doing guitar, mando, violin, bouzouki and even programming, arranging and production sessions online. Check out

Phil Robertson
(the drummer on my last project, Pollyanna's Attic, and a brilliant player who's discography goes on for days) has been doing online sessions for a while now -- he makes it painless and it sounds so good. Check out

Brett Wade (incredibly versatile vocalist -- featured heavily on my Christmas:An Irrational Season project and also very in demand for his guitar work) is just launching his online site:

If you're aware of other high caliber players doing this sort of work, share them in the comment section below.

May the muse be with you!
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