8 Songwriting Contests and a Coupla Thoughts

SOCAN (Canada's Performing Rights Organization) recently posted THIS STORY on the proliferation -- and potential value to songwriters -- of songwriting competitions. Anecdotal evidence suggests that while entering the giant contests (ISC, Unisong, John Lennon, USA and Billboard) is a bit like entering the lottery, there can still be tangible benefits to participating.

Many of the contests offer written critiques of entered songs (valuable input for the sufficiently thick-skinned) and the opportunity to expose material to an impressive list of judges. And people do win these things -- I have a couple of friends who have scored major cash prizes and made some connections through the John Lennon and USA contests.

So, if you've got a bit of disposable income to invest on your material, a songwriting contest might not be a bad idea. I've put a collection of links to various contests on the lower right side of the blog, which I'll be updating regularly. If you're aware of a new contest, or have a bad experience with a contest that we should know about, please Email Songville.

Meanwhile, here are some current links:

Songwriting Contests

Keep writing!
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