SONGVILLE SAYS (Great Quote #7) - Abbott & Costello

This special edition Songville quote is for Brendt, who complained because Great Quote #6 was from Elvis, rather than Lou, Costello. Songville aims to please, and fortunately we discovered a great illustration of "record label math" from the movie Buck Privates.

Abbott: Do me a favor. Loan me $50.

Costello: I can't lend you $50. All I've got is $40.

Abbott: That's okay. Give me the $40, and you'll owe me $10.

Costello: How come I owe you $10?

Abbott: What did I ask you for?

Costello: $50.

Abbott: What did you give me?

Costello; $40.
Abbott: So you owe me $10.
Costello: That's right. But you owe me $40. Give me my $40 back.

Abbott: There's your $40. Now give me the $10 you owe me. That's the last time I'll ever ask you for the loan of $50.

Costello: How can I loan you $50 now? All I have is $30.

Abbott: Give me the $30, and you’ll owe me $20.

Costello: This is getting worse all the time. First I owe you $10, and now I owe you $20!

Abbott: So you owe me $20. Twenty and 30 is 50.

Costello; Nope! Twenty-five and 25 is 50.

Abbott: Here's your $30. Give me back my $20.

Costello: All I've got now is $10!

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