Songs as Hopeful Defiance

I commend to you this Huffington Post blogpost from Jonathan Foreman (Switchfoot) about the power of words.

Here are some highlights:

"To create is to cosign the Maker's checks. ... The artist is a bridge between despair and hope. The artist, more than anyone else is responsible for the re-creation, re-definition and re-thinking the world around us. Every poem, every song, every painting has tremendous possibility. Each of these creations could be a letter of resignation to The World That Is or a window into The World That Is Not. Each poem/painting/song could be a vehicle to a new reality, one in which the artist plays a part no matter how small. The artist paints a world into existence. The canvas, the paint, the brush--these known quantities of existence and reality are tools for stepping into the unknown. The notes of the song are a bridge from what is to what is not yet"

The whole thing is worth a read -- take it in and write it out!

With hope,
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Anonymous said...

Some interesting things, but do people not care about Truth at all anymore. I guess we all think we're so very clever, as if we win if we explain things about God and the world outside of Truth?

Regarding the following that Foreman wrote, there is only One Word and His name is Jesus! These other belief systems don't have the Word, there is only One True God and He has revealed Himself in His Son, Jesus, The Word.

" In the Abrahamic beliefs, (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) the Maker speaks things into existence. Light, darkness, day, night, water, land, plants and animals... these are spoken into being. In the Hindu scriptures, there is a similar creation story, in which the verbal command comes from Vishnu, "Create the world." In all of these belief systems, the Word has tremendous power. The Christian account of the creation makes virtually no distinction between God and Word in the beginning. John 1:1 states, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."